A Quickie with Fiona Cummins

Tell me about your latest book and why we should read it?

Rattle is my début novel and it’s about a serial killing collector who covets human specimens for his family’s macabre museum of medical oddities. It explores the seam of darkness that runs through us all. But it’s also a story about families and the impact child abduction has on them. And the importance of not giving up hope when all hope is already lost.*

* I also like high heels and Jack Daniels so it means I can afford to more of these buy these essential items.

If someone was to write your life story what would the title be?

You Did What?!?

What’s the strangest fan question or request you’ve received?

‘Please sign my boxer shorts’. I kid you not. In my former life as a Daily Mirror showbusiness journalist, I’d been discussing a story on the television.
When I’d finished, the man in question was part of a group of autograph hunters waiting outside. I was so flustered I did as he asked.

If you could co-write with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would it be?

The late Agatha Christie because no other writer is quite like her. Her books are incredible puzzles that seem effortless, but are constructed with the utmost skill. Also, I think she would have been interesting company.

Tell me something nobody else knows about you (yet!).

There are many, many things I could share, but I have my professional reputation to think of.
Hmmm. How about this? I used to belong to a women’s football team and we were (un)lucky enough to play the female England football squad. It was very close, almost a draw, I’d say. They beat us 15-0.

Finally please recommend 3 books that you have recently read and tell me why you’ve chosen these.

Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips.
This novel about a mother and her young son trapped in a zoo during a gun rampage is a beautifully written, tension-filled read. Utterly compulsive.

The Last Place You Look by Kristen Lepionka
I’m currently reading this fantastic début. Kristen is on the New Blood panel at the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate. This book tells the story of a young private investigator’s bid to exonerate a young man on Death Row. It is hugely compelling and the writing is excellent.

Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan
This book isn’t out until January but is so worth the wait. Think Secret History meets the House of Cards. A MP is accused of rape by his lover, and this story unfolds through the eyes of his wife and the barrister prosecuting him.
This killer premise is brought brilliantly to life by fully rounded characters, great writing, a fantastic setting and page-turning narrative. Outstanding.


Who is Fiona Cummins? Fiona Cummins is an award-winning former Daily Mirror showbusiness journalist and a graduate of the Faber Academy Writing A Novel course. She lives in Essex with her family. Rattle is her first novel.

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