Who Am I?

Welcome to Compulsive Readers.

My name is Tracy and I’m a bookaholic.  It’s been 35 minutes since I last bought a book and despite having over 450 books on my kindle, 200 books on my bookshelf I can’t stop buying more books.

I’m the founder of an international book club (more on that below), but I’ve now set up Compulsive Readers specifically so I can share my highly recommended books out of all the books that I read, so you get to enjoy the fruits of my reading labour.

I receive loads of books to read from the publishers and Netgalley – but will only be recommending the books that I think are brilliant.  Some you will agree with me about, and others you will hate – and that’s what makes reading so wonderful, as every reader takes a different journey.  Enjoy!



The 3 R’s – Read, Recommend, Review

One of the most important aspects of reading a good book is leaving a review on Amazon/Goodreads and your blog. Not only are you telling the world how much you love the book – you are helping the author get their work recognised and seen by potentially 100’s of new readers. So even if it’s a one line review “I really enjoyed this book” to a full book report – please review as soon as you’ve read it.