THE Book Club (TBC) on Facebook

THE Book Club (TBC) on Facebook was created in October 2015 as a dare by another bookworm when I said I should set up a small online book club for elite readers who only want to talk about books and not yoga or cross-stitch (no offence to anyone who is currently cross-stitching whilst in the downward dog position).  So I set it up as a secret group and invited 50 like-minded readers.  Almost overnight we gained 400 members and I started messaging (stalking/harrassing/begging) authors that I had read and enjoyed to join our new group. Today we have over 7,600 members and 1,200 authors.

I have been blown away by the enthusiasm out there for books and reading and the club continues to grow exponentially. It’s now a brilliant international group made up of some inspirational, strong, selfless, funny and strange individuals located throughout the world, and we have all been  brought together by our mutual love of all things books.

Every day we post loads of recommendations, reviews, book related offers and we also have weekly competitions and book giveaways…. it’s fun and, if you ever need a book to read, we can recommend hundreds.

Due to the success of TBC we have also set up 3 spin-off groups

  1. TBC Reviewer Group – this is where we offer members the opportunity to read and review a book before publication.
  2. TBC Audible Listeners – for daily deals, recommendations and a chance to share audible books with members.
  3. TBC Swapsy Group – this is where members can swap their paperback books with other members in exchange for an Amazon gift voucher.

If you want to join the group you need to send Charlie Fenton a friend request – and he’ll sort out the rest.



Charlie Fenton – CEO of TBC

or find our facebook page and send us a message.


TBC THE Book Club Facebook Page