Behind the Blogger – Janice Leibowitz from Jan’s Book Buzz

Tell me about the person behind the blog?

I’m Janice, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa (Crime capital of the world, apparently! Safer to stay home and read!).I was actually born in London, but we moved out here when I was just 7 (in 1975, at the peak of racial tension here – have no clue what my parents were thinking!) Apart from a year and half of school in the UK, I was entirely schooled here in SA. I’m an only child, so books have always been my companions. And being an only child might explain why I have 4 children of my own! Ranging in age from 21 down to 12 (2 girls, 2 boys), they keep me busy and they keep me young! I freelance in the social media field, specialising in theatre/film/music/the arts and books/publishing. So I spend a lot of time at events, and on Facebook and Twitter. But there’s ALWAYS time to read!

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging in 2014. People were always asking me what they should read. Once I start talking about books, I don’t shut up, so I figured if I started a blog then at least the people who visit it might actually want to be there to see what I have to say!

What are your proudest moments or achievements todate as a blogger?

I think my proudest blogging moments are always when the authors themselves give me feedback on my reviews and share the reviews with their followers. Also when I’m approached by authors who ask me if they can send me their books for review purposes. That’s always flattering – that they’ve actually heard about me and know of me!

If you had to breakdown the components of your ideal perfect book what would they be?

The perfect book has to be one that I just can’t put down and that keeps me guessing all the way. The plot need to be engaging from the first chapter. The characters themselves don’t always have to be likeable but there has to be something about them that keeps me wanting to know what they’re going to do next, whether it’s positive or negative, or just downright stupid!

What is your favourite genre to read?

My favourite genre is the psychological thriller. Somehow it always seems to be the one that catches the attention the quickest and keeps hold the longest. But I do enjoy a good, lengthy saga that I can immerse myself in. I do read quite a bit of Holocaust literature – I’m a second generation survivor – I used to have a complete aversion to it, but as I’ve got older that’s changed and I’m now quite involved with Holocaust and Genocide education. I’m willing to try most genre’s but do admit that I’m a bit of a book snob and if it doesn’t grab my attention in the first few pages, I’ll give up. There are way too many other books to get to, to persevere with something that I’m not enjoying!

If you had to list your Top 3 books what would they be?

1. The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes by Anna McPartlin
2. Signals by Joel Rothschild
3.The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman

Finally, tell me more about your blog and why we should subscribe?

Subscribe to my blog if you want to read some good book reviews! It’s that simple! Admittedly I only usually get around to posting a couple a month, but I’m aiming to increase that this year. I’m also intending to start doing author interviews. I really do support our local South African authors – we have some really gifted local writers producing amazing work, and I’d love the rest of the world to know about them. So I’m really going to be pushing the SA content this year. I love books and I love reading, and I love being around others who love the same things. So if you feel the same way, then pop in and take a look!

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