Behind The Blogger – Kate Moloney from Bibliophile Book Club

Tell me about the person behind the blog?

My name is Kate and I’m from Ireland. I’m married with 2 kids! I don’t have hobbies other than reading to be honest! 😂 I’m currently off work so I’m essentially a stay at home mom (not fully by choice as I’ve been off work through illness) so I spend a lot of time playing and reading with my kids! Evenings are spent with my husband catching up on our favourite tv shows!

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging properly after I’d had my little girl in 2014 as a way to rave about books I love and share what I’m reading etc. It’s been the thing that has kept me sane and keep my brain occupied as I’ve had a run of ill health over the past couple of years!

What are your proudest moments or achievements todate as a blogger?

I guess for me, seeing my blog reviews quoted in books has been surreal and amazing. I never could have imagined that happening when I started Bibliophile Book Club. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting fellow bloggers, publishers and authors as well. My fave moment so far has been meeting Ragnar Jonasson, author of one of my favourite series, The Dark Iceland books. I flew over to London for his Blackout launch last year, which was brilliant!

If you had to breakdown the components of your ideal perfect book what would they be?

When I read a book, I look for a few things. I need to be hooked. Quickly. If it’s a slow start, I’ll lose interest. I want the characters to be really well written. I want the antagonist to be completely twisted. I don’t mind some suspension of belief, but if it’s taken too far it really annoys me. I’ve been really struggling with books lately, a lot of them have been missing all of these things for me!

What is your favourite genre to read?

I love crime in all shapes and forms. Crime thrillers, mysteries, psych thrillers and police procedurals are the ones I read the most. Very rarely, I may venture outside my genre, but it doesn’t happen often. I like what I like and I stick with it!

If I asked you to pick your favourite 3 books what are they and why?

Dodgers by Bill Beverly, Nevernight by Jay Kristoff and Afterlife by Marcus Sakey are my 3.

Dodgers is a superb American crime/literary thriller with excellent characterisation.

Nevernight is an epic fantasy read that changed how I look at books and what I enjoy. Assassins Creed meets Hogwarts with a kick-ass leading lady!

Afterlife is a genre-bending crime/dystopian/love story that captivated me from the outset. Full of action and fun, one of the best reads of 2017 so far for me.

Finally, tell me more about your blog and why we should subscribe

I guess at its core, Bibliophile Book Club is a crime/thriller blog. I’ve never specified that, but all you have to do is look at my reviews to know that’s pretty much all I read. I have lots of different things on there though, book tags, cover reveals, guest posts, and my personal favourite, the book haul post! Basically you’ll find all of my bookish stuff on there, so if you like crime/mystery/thriller books, then have a look! I’m sure you’ll find something there 😊

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