Behind the Blogger – Lynne from Fictionophile

Tell me about the person behind the blog?

Hello everyone, my name is Lynne. I am a life-long reader. I’ve been married for forty years to my favourite person, Albert, who is a retired firefighter. I have two wonderful grown children, but as yet, no grandchildren. I’ve been retired for a little less than two years from my career in libraries. I was the fiction cataloguer for our local public library system which supplies 14 branch libraries.
Other than reading and blogging, my favourite pastimes are getting together with family and friends for a meal, spending warm summer days at our cottage, watching British television drama, doing puzzles, crocheting, and (don’t tell anyone) drinking red wine.

When did you start blogging and why?

I love to recommend my favorite titles. I started my blog almost ten years ago, but for the first eight years I posted very sporadically. At the time of my retirement I had only 53 followers. Since retiring I’ve been much more dedicated to my blog and my readership now numbers 2,012 followers. It has been great for me personally as it keeps me from missing my job too much. It is a way for me to keep up with the latest fiction titles AND it gives me an outlet for my creative side. It is very rewarding to be a part of a great and extremely supportive book-blogging community.

What are your proudest moments or achievements to date as a blogger?

Anytime anyone comments on one of my posts I’m extremely proud. Comments mean that someone has taken some of their precious time to read what I’ve written, and they care enough to comment. Wonderful!
I have been quoted on the back cover of one of the books I reviewed. That was pretty special.
Also, my blog has recently garnered a few awards that give me extra validation. For instance, Fictionophile is rated #1 Fiction Blog according to Feedspot.

If you had to breakdown the components of your ideal perfect book what would they be?

Most of my most favorite titles are character-driven. More than plot, pacing, setting, or anything else, I MUST feel some connection to the main character(s) or the book just doesn’t hold my interest. No matter what genre I’m reading, for me, it is all about the CHARACTER. Also, the plot has to be believable for the most part. I know I read fiction, but I don’t like to suspend belief more than is absolutely necessary.
My perfect book is one that I’m completely immersed in while reading. One that makes the time reading fly.

What is your favourite genre to read?

I guess I’d have to say psychological thrillers, but literary fiction and police procedural mysteries rank a close second and third.

What 3 books would you recommend and why?

“A man called Ove” by Fredrick Backman
Poignant and hysterically funny in equal measure, “A man called Ove” is a heartwarming novel of life, loss, and our intrinsic need to be needed. Skillfully written with charm and wit, this debut novel is a fast read – and one I will remember for a long time.

“Little black lies” by Sharon Bolton (or in fact anything by Sharon Bolton)
An intricately plotted story of how one moment of thoughtlessness can lead to tragedy that impacts upon countless people, “Little Black Lies” is filled with a pervading sense of loss. There are many surprises in store for the reader. With solid, empathetic characters and jaw-dropping plot revelations, it is a novel that will be appreciated by anyone who admires crime fiction with a psychological bent.

“I let you go” by Clare Mackintosh
With a gob-smacking plot twist near the middle of the novel and another towards the end, this is a thriller that checks ALL the boxes for me. A very clever plot, solid characterization, setting, writing…. All in all a spectacular and very impressive debut thriller.

Finally, tell me more about your blog and why we should subscribe?

My blog is a labour of love and is my way of sharing my love of books and reading. My preferred genres to review are thrillers, mysteries, literary fiction, historical fiction, and women’s fiction.
In addition to my book reviews, I have many other series of posts that might interest avid readers and bookworms.  I have a “Cover Love” series of posts that has proved to be very popular with my followers. Also, I have many book and series recommendations that I share through my “Series to Savour” and “Trilogies to Treasure” posts Also, you will find author interviews, book quotations, book themed art, and my love of words and the English language. I post about 3 – 4 times per week. Drop by, and we can share our love of books.


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