The Pinocchio Brief – Abi Silver (Book 1)

A schoolboy accused of a brutal murder. A retired lawyer with secrets to hide…

A 15-year-old schoolboy is accused of the murder of one of his teachers. His lawyers, the guarded veteran, Judith, and the energetic young solicitor, Constance, begin a desperate pursuit of the truth, revealing uncomfortable secrets about the teacher and the school. Continue Reading

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99p Bargains – December 2018

Yay – the beginning of the month means Amazon have reduced hundreds of kindle books and who doesn’t love a bargain?  With just under 500 books reduced to £1.99 or less, I thought I would select some that I personally recommend or have just downloaded myself.  Below are 30 books that I a) highly recommend b) have heard great things about or c) are sitting on my kindle now; Continue Reading

Booky Bits

Monthly Round Up – November 2018

It’s the 1st of December, which means it is time for me to have a quick look back at the books I read during November.  Despite an absolutely awful November for personal reasons I managed to read 10 books and here they are; 5 standalone books, 5 books in a series, 2 I absolutely LOVED, 2 I really didn’t enjoy or recommend and a mixture of crime, psychological thrillers, contemporary and 1 espionage thriller. Continue Reading


Bitter – Francesca Jakobi

About the book:

It’s 1969, and while the summer of love lingers in London, Gilda is consumed by the mistakes of her past. She walked out on her beloved son Reuben when he was just a boy and fears he’ll never forgive her.

When Reuben marries a petite blonde gentile, Gilda takes it as the ultimate rejection. Her cold, distant son seems transformed by love – a love she’s craved his entire adult life. What does his new wife have that she doesn’t? And how far will she go to find out? Continue Reading