Good Samaritans – Will Carver

About the book: One crossed wire, three dead bodies and six bottles of bleach.

Seth Beauman can’t sleep. He stays up late, calling strangers from his phonebook, hoping to make a connection, while his wife, Maeve, sleeps upstairs. A crossed wire finds a suicidal Hadley Serf on the phone to Seth, thinking she is talking to The Samaritans. Continue Reading

A Quickie With

A Quickie with Mel McGrath

Tell me about your latest book and why we should read it?

My latest is Give Me The Child. It’s the story of Cat and Tom and their daughter Freya who are living in South London when there comes a knock on the door in the middle of the night and there, beside a policewoman, is a little girl claiming to be Tom’s love child from a one night stand. Her mother has died in an accident. Tom and Cat feel they have no choice but to let Ruby come to live with them, even though they know nothing about her. Or do they? It’s a fast-paced , twisty, psychological thriller which the Financial Times called ‘A triumph.’ It’s been a UK and US bestseller. Continue Reading