Blood Sugar – Sascha Rothchild

She’s accused of four murders. She’s only guilty of three…

When Ruby was a child growing up in Miami, she saw a boy from her school struggling against the ocean waves while his parents were preoccupied. Instead of helping him, Ruby dove under the water and held his ankle down until he drowned. She waited to feel guilty for it, but she never did.

And, as Ruby will argue in her senior thesis while studying psychology at Yale, guilt is sort of like eating ice cream while on a diet – if you’re already feeling bad, why not eat the whole carton? And so, the bodies start to stack up.

Twenty-five years later, Ruby’s in an interrogation room under suspicion of murder, being shown four photographs. Each is a person she once knew, now deceased. The line-up includes her husband Jason. She is responsible for three of the four deaths… but it might be the crime that she didn’t commit that will finally ensnare her.

Book info: Print length: 328 pages. Publisher: Trapeze. Publication date: 19 April 2022

Sascha Rothchild grew up in Miami Beach. It was bananas. She majored in playwriting at Boston College. It was freezing. She moved to Los Angeles to become a writer. It was dramatic. After many odd jobs and first drafts, she broke into the tv and film business when her humorous personal essays published in LA Weekly got the attention of studios. She then wrote her comedic yet heartfelt memoir, How To Get Divorced By 30, published by Penguin/Plume. Sascha is now an Emmy-nominated screenwriter, who has written and produced numerous lauded shows such as Netflix’s GLOW. Sascha loves her two rescued boxer dogs and wearing lots of sunscreen. She also adores all things unicorns. And if she tells you she is being “ironic,” she is kidding herself.

My Review:

I love a serial killer thriller and if the killer is a female then it’s even better, in my opinion. Blood Sugar is the debut novel by Sascha Rothchild and it’s absolutely wonderful.

If you like feisty females who don’t mind killing the odd person here and there purely because she could, then you will love Ruby, our brilliant narrator.

She’s in a little pickle right now as she’s being investigated for 4 murders, the evidence is stacked against her, she had motive and cause to murder them all except for one little fact – whilst she did actually kill 3 of them, it’s the fourth murder she is ironically innocent of committing.

Ruby has a wonderful unique take on life (literally) and the story flits back and forth to her childhood when she committed her first murder at the age of 6 to her in present day, a compassionate and successful therapist.

Blood Sugar ticks all the boxes for me personally. A clever and twisty plotline, a female serial killer with a very dry sense of humour, fascinating characters and plenty of shocks and surprises.

Grab yourself a copy and thank me later.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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