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2017 TBC Reading Challenge – My 20 books

Here are my 20 books for the 2017 Reading Challenge.

1 A Book with the word Girl/Mother /Daughter/Sister in the title – The Other Sister – Rowan Coleman
2 A Book with the word Son/Brother/Husband/Father in the title. My Husband’s Wife – Amanda Prowse – Read – click here to read my review
3 A Book written by a TBC author you haven’t read yet Mickey Take – Steven Hayward
4 A book published before 2015 Dead Gone – Luca Veste
5 A Book with a one word title. Cuckoo – Julia Crouch
6 A Book in a Genre you haven’t read before (Way Out of Your Comfort Zone) Alone – Marissa Farrar – Read – click here to read my review
7 A Book with a Red, Green, Yellow or Blue Cover Green cover – The Food of Love – Amanda Prowse
8 A Debut Book by a TBC Author The Defence – Steve Cavanagh – Read – click here to read my review
9 A Book with a Colour in the Title Blue Wicked – Alan Jones
10 A Book with a number in the Title 1-2-3-4 – Allan Watson
11 A Book written by the first author who comments on your post on TBC asking for suggestions. Among the Olive Groves – Chrissie Parker
12 A Book based purely on the In My Pants game All Fall Down – Tom Bale
13 A Book with a name in the title (female or male) Valentina – Susie Lynes – Read – click here for my full review
14 A Book with a Season or Weather in the Title My Summer of You – Tammy Robinson – Read – click here to read my review
15 A Book at the bottom of your TBR pile Father of Lies – Sarah England
16 A Book Donna Young personally recommends for you. The House we Grew up in – Lisa Jewell
17 A Book that starts with the same letter as your name. Tattletale – Sarah Naughton
18 A Book set in a location near to where you live or a country you would like to visit. Instructions for a secondhand Heart – Tamsyn Murray – Read – click here to read my review
19 A Book published in 2016 Death Do Us Part – Steven Dunne
20 A Book recommended by a Random TBC member of your choice. Exclusion Zone – Jeanette Hewitt – Read.  Click here to read my full review

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