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Top 5 Books of the Year 2018 (so far)

This time last year I posted my Top 5 books of the year, so thought it would only be polite to do the same again.  Once again I have relied on good old Goodreads to tell me how many books I’ve read, Netgalley to tell me how many books I downloaded and Amazon to tell me how many books I’ve bought.

I am actually too ashamed to tell you how many books I have bought or downloaded since January, but am confident that if I never bought another book I still have enough to keep me reading until October 2029.

This year I have set myself a reading challenge via Goodreads of 110 and have read 63 books so far. Below is the snapshot of the books I’ve read and all of my reviews can be found in the REVIEWS section of my blog.


So here is the part you are all waiting for.  From the books above, which books are definitely going into my Top 5 Books of the Year and more importantly why those 5.

Out of all the 63 books I’ve read, three I didn’t/couldn’t finish, one I gave 2 stars, twenty-four I gave 5 stars, and the other thirty-five got 4 stars so it’s been a really fantastic half year for me personally in my reading choices.

So, without future ado… here are the 5 books which I absolutely LOVED and will be putting in my TOP TEN BOOKS of 2018 in December….

  • Th1rt3en by Steve Cavanagh – Book 4 in the incredible Eddie Flynn series, but can absolutely be read as a standalone.  Click here for my 5 star review
  • The Old You by Louise Voss – If you want to know how a domestic noir book should be written – you need to read this NOW.  Click here for my 5 star review
  • Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall – Looking for a book that’s so dark and tense you forget to breath?  This book left me reeling and feeling in desperate need of a shower.  Click here for my 5 star review
  • Don’t Make a Sound by David Jackson – This is the 3rd book in the brilliant Nathan Cody series and again can be read as a standalone.  Read this but beware, it is so tense and gripping you may need a lie down after.  Read my 5 star review here.
  • This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay – I think I may have hurt myself laughing so much.  A brilliantly hysterical account of a junior doctor which will break you heart and make you laugh out loud at the same time.  Read my 5 star review here.


There were so many other books which almost made this list and actually some of the 63 books might even be in my Top TEN, so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Facebook to see what else I recommend.


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