Cover Reveal – James Stansfield Anaconda Vice

I am delighted and honoured to be able to reveal the stunning cover for James Stansfield’s new book – Anaconda Vice.

This book is being published by Manatee Books and will be available to download on 22nd February so pop this on your wishlist and make sure you read it soon.

About the book: 

When Lucas Winter, a retired professional wrestler, runs out of gas on a dark and desolate road, his only thoughts are on getting to the lights of the small town up ahead, getting some gas, and getting out of there…only things aren’t quite what they seem in the tiny town of Anaconda.

Before he has a chance to solve his transport problem, Lucas finds himself in trouble with the law after a local man picks a fight with him…and then ends up dead. Innocent, Lucas fights to clear his name, tangling with the local law enforcement and the family of the dead man, who seem set on taking their revenge. Can Lucas get out alive? And just what is it that the residents of Anaconda are hiding….

A smart, fast-paced thriller, perfect for fans of Lee Child and Steph Broadribb