Death Stalks Kettle Street – John Bowen

Someone is murdering Greg Unsworth’s neighbours and staging the deaths to look like accidents.

Greg knows the truth, but when he’s grappling with OCD and simply closing his front door and crossing the road are a battle, how is he supposed to catch a serial killer?

Meet Greg Unsworth, afflicted with OCD, who begins to realize that a series of fatal accidents on his street are in fact a series of murders. After encountering Beth Grue at the scene of one such crime, the two bond over their shared fears and suspicions, and struggles: Beth has cerebral palsy. When the police repeatedly dismiss their concerns, they take matters into their own hands and attempt to discover the killer’s identity and expose him…

My Review: Death Stalks Kettle Street is so much more than your average whodunit. A spate of “fatal accidents” in Kettle Street brings Greg and Beth together to try to investigate and solve these gruesome crimes. Despite Greg’s often debilitating OCD and Beth having CP, these two incredibly wonderful, loveable and funny characters bring the story to life. If you like your stories to have quirky characters, lots of dead bodies, a twisted serial killer and a hero who can’t cross a road without counting backwards from 100 then I would highly recommend this book.

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