Do Not Disturb – A.R. Torre (Deanna Madden Book 2)

Do Not Disturb – A.R. Torre (Deanna Madden Book 2) – Genre – Crime/Erotica

I broke the rules. I left, I killed, I loved it

Deanna Madden locked herself away for three years. She never left the apartment. Never allowed herself contact with another human being.

Tried to stop herself acting out her homicidal urges . . .

Now, recently reacquainted with the outside world, Deanna is working out a new balance between her work on the sex cams and her life outside the walls of 6E.

But her equilibrium is about to be shattered as violence and evil begin to close in . .

My Review: A sizzling sequel to The Girl in 6E which does not disappoint. Again it is very dark and dirty with a wonderful dose of dry humour. This is not a book for the prudish or squeamish but if you like your characters flawed and vulnerable even armed with a knife and happy to smash someone’s head in with a microwave then this book is for you. l loved it and hope there is a third book coming soon!

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