Don’t Let Her Stay – Nicola Sanders

Someone inside your house wants you dead, but no one believes you…

Joanne knows how lucky she is. Richard is a wonderful husband, Evie is the most gorgeous baby girl, they live in a beautiful house… Life couldn’t be better.

Until Richard’s twenty-year-old daughter Chloe turns up. Chloe hasn’t spoken to her father since the day he married Joanne two years ago. But Chloe wants to make peace. She’ll even move in for a few weeks to help Joanne with the new baby.

It sounds perfect, but when things happen that make Joanne feel like she’s losing her mind, she begins to wonder: Is Chloe really here to help? Or has Joanne made a terrible mistake by letting her move in?

And is it too late to ask her to leave?

Book Info: 288 pages. Publication date: 9 Feb 2023. Publisher: independently published.

My Thoughts:

My good mate Lisa Jewell (name drop) recommended this book to me, so I immediately downloaded it and started to read Don’t Let Her Stay by Nicola Sanders WITHOUT even checking the blurb. (I know I am such a risk taker!).

Firstly, if you have Kindle Unlimited this book is FREE and if you don’t it’s only £1.99 on Amazon right now.

This is a standalone psychological thriller about a new mother Joanne, her husband Richard and Richard’s 20 year old estranged daughter from his first marriage Chloe.

Joanne and Richard have moved to a stunning house in a quiet village with their baby daughter Evie when out of the blue, Chloe makes contact with her father after 3 years and has decided she wants to be part of their family and moves in.

On the surface everything appears to be fine, but slowly cracks begin to show. Chloe’s behaviour towards her Joanne behind her father’s back is disturbing. Richard refuses to listen to Joanne’s concerns and bit by bit Joanne begins to doubt herself and questions the safety of her family.

Why has Chloe turned up after 3 years and why had she stopped all contact with her father? What really happened to Richard’s first wife? Is Joanne in danger? Is Chloe dangerous? Well obviously you need to read the book to find out. If you enjoy books with unreliable narrators, twists and turns at every corner, then you will enjoy Don’t Let Her Stay.

Rating: 4 out of 5.