Edward Unspooled – Craig Lancaster

Edward Unspooled – Craig Lancaster – Genre – Contemporary Fiction

Blurb: Change keeps stalking Edward Stanton. He and his new wife, Sheila, have retreated to his small house in Montana after an unsuccessful attempt at operating a motel in Colorado. That failure has left wounds, especially for Sheila, and now they face a bigger challenge: pregnancy and impending parenthood.

Edward begins penning notes to the child (ever precise, he refers to the gestating being as “Cellular Stanton”) as he navigates married life with Sheila, who is unhappy and unfulfilled in Montana; a work partnership with his friend Scott Shamwell, whose own life is teetering; and the emergence of a long-buried family secret and the effect of this revelation on his relationship with his overbearing mother.

Even as Edward’s world expands, he must confront questions about whom to let in, how much to give, the very definition of family, the fragility of hope, and the expanses of love.

My Review:  I truly don’t know how to give this book the praise it deserves. All I can say is that I adored 600 hours, I devoured Edward Adrift and when I heard that Edward was coming back into my life I got a little excited (wet myself actually). Meeting Edward again is like meeting your old best friend, despite being several years since reading Adrift this book brought everything back. The humour, the innocence, the honesty, the wonderful observations and idiosyncrasies of Edward made this book truly beautiful and moving and I confess to crying throughout the last few chapters. Everyone needs an Edward in their life. 5 humongous (I love that word) stars. #TBConFB

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