Finding Sophie – Imran Mahmood

Two parents, desperate to find their missing daughter, stand accused of murder. How far will they go to find the truth?

Someone is guilty.

For the last seventeen years, Harry and Zara King’s lives have revolved around their only daughter, Sophie. One day, Sophie leaves the house and doesn’t come home. Six weeks later, the police are no closer to finding her than when they started. Harry and Zara have questioned everyone who has ever had any connection to Sophie, to no avail. Except there’s one house on their block—number 210, across the street—whose occupant refuses to break his silence.

Someone knows what happened.

As the question mark over number 210 devolves into obsession, Harry and Zara are forced to examine their own lives. They realize they have grown apart, suffering in separate spheres of grief. And as they try to find their way back to each other, they must face the truth about their daughter: who she was, how she changed, and why she disappeared.

Someone will pay.

Told in the alternating perspectives of Harry and Zara, and in a dual timeline between the weeks after Sophie’s disappearance and a year later in the middle of a murder trial, Imran Mahmood’s taut yet profoundly moving novel explores how differently grief can be experienced even when shared by parents—and how hope triumphs when it springs from the kind of love that knows no bounds.

‘A heart-stopping thriller, a heartfelt mystery’ CHRIS WHITAKER
‘A clever, chilling thriller that is also unexpectedly moving’ SHARI LAPENA
‘Kept me guessing until the very end’ IAN RANKIN
‘Incredible writing and devastatingly good writing’ THE SECRET BARRISTER

‘Powerfully and brilliantly written’ VASEEM KHAN
‘Pure brilliance’ JANICE HALLETT

‘Wow, what an ending!’ C. L. TAYLOR
‘An astonishingly twisty tale of despair, deception and desperation’ LIZ NUGENT

Book Info: Print length: 349 Pages. Publisher: Raven Books. Publication Date: 14 Mar 2024

My Thoughts:

I’m not biased BUT Imran Mahmood is one of my favourite people in the literary world. He’s an absolute GENTLEMAN and the ideal pizza partner, so when I saw he had a new book out in March, I begged, pleaded and bribed his publishers to let me organise his blogtour and share the #ImranIdolization.

If you haven’t read any of Imran’s books before or watched the brilliant BBC adaptation of his first book, then you are in for a literary treat.

Each book is a standalone crime thriller with a large dollop of legal expertise thrown in and incredible well developed characters, slick plots and thought-provoking themes and Finding Sophie is no exception.

17 year old Sophie King is missing. Harry and Zara King are distraught and living every parent’s worst nightmare. Sophie is their only child, their lives revolve around their daughter and six weeks later the police still have no clues, she has disappeared off the face of the earth, but the King’s won’t give up and need answers at whatever cost.

Having spent weeks posting Missing Persons leaflets through every door, canvassing the entire neighbourhood, only one house remains silent. Number 210. The occupant refuses to open the door and this only confirms Harry and Zara’s suspicions that he knows what happened to Sophie.

The book is told through both Zara and Harry’s points of view and the reader follows their individual feelings of grief and helplessness together with intense guilt as slowly we find out what happened in the lead up to Sophie’s disappearance.

Whilst this is every parent’s nightmare, the author delivers two very opposing reactions to this tragic situation. Harry and Zara’s coping mechanisms are almost polar opposites yet both are totally relatable and understandable.

Finding Sophie is a slow burner of a story which skilfully takes the reader on an emotional journey and forces us to ask ourselves what would we do in these circumstances?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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