Good Husbands – Cate Ray

Three wives, one letter, and an explosive secret that will change everything.

He said, she said. Who do you believe?

Jessica, Stephanie and Priyanka are complete strangers, but they have one thing in common: they’ve each received a letter accusing their husbands of committing a sexual assault more than two decades prior. Is the accusation true or is there more to the story? It was a secret that remained buried for years.

With their worlds suddenly turned upside down, they don’t know who to trust – a complete stranger or the men they love and built their lives with. The three women come together to embark on a hunt for the truth, but they are hardly prepared for what they will discover. Who is the victim, and will justice ultimately be served?

Book Information: Print length: 369 pages. Publisher: September Publishing. Publication Date: 7 June 2022

Cate Ray is a pseudonym for Cath Weeks. Cath was born near Bath, and after stints in London and Paris returned to Bath where she lives with her family.

The author of four previous novels under her own name, she has been selected for book clubs by Elle, Evening Standard, Closer and Woman & Home. She was nominated for the Waverton Good Reads award and a Frome Literary Festival award winning short story has been produced and broadcast on the BBC. @CateRaywriter

My Review:

The blurb of this book really appealed to me and when I was arranging the blogtour on behalf of Random Things Tours I couldn’t resist popping myself down for a spot.

Three women, complete strangers, all in different stages of their lives, married and seemingly happy receive a letter on the same day, accusing their husbands of rape over twenty years ago. These three women have to face up to some horrifying truths and look very closely at their husbands and their lives right now and ask themselves are they willing to give up everything they have for the justice of a young woman they don’t know?

How well do you really know your husband? Should his past remain in his past? Can you live with yourself knowing he may have been involved in a violent sexual attack in his youth? Who are the other men accused of this crime? These are only some of the questions Jessica, Stephanie and Priyanka are facing and once the women meet up, their lives are now entangled and nothing will ever be the same again.

Initially I thought this would be more of a thriller, however it veers towards dark domestic drama and some of the scenes are harrowing and upsetting to read, so please be aware that the main subject matter centres around a young girls rape and the consequences on those around her.

Overall, although an uncomfortable read, I did enjoy (not the right word) following Jessica, Stephanie and Priyanka’s journey and seeing how each women dealt with their emotions and feelings throughout the story. My only issue was the ending which I didn’t fully understand and felt it detracted from the important issues of the story.

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