Lad – Andrew Webber

Danny Small loves life just the way it is…

It’s a cheeky Nando’s. It’s a big sesh down the gym. It’s double shots of Sambuca. It’s a scrap at closing time. It’s a few Stellas before kick off. It’s larging it in Marbella. It’s not being tied down. It’s working hard and playing harder. It’s a relentless cycle of booze, birds and banter. It’s the lad’s life.

…but when everyone else is growing up and moving on, life in the fast lane gets pretty lonely.

Danny’s mates are settling down. Girls are demanding commitment. His boss is onto his schemes. Even his mum’s on his case. Does the banter finally have to stop, or does a real lad just crank it up a notch?

My Review:  Lad by Andrew Webber is an incredibly brutal yet brilliant look at today’s LAD culture in Britain. Meet Danny, the most offensive, politically incorrect, sexist, unscrupulous young man who is living out his dream by bedding a different women each night, conning vulnerable people at work and generally loving life. Or is he? This witty and sometimes shocking story is both thought provoking and sad at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed it but if you are easily offended this really isn’t the book for you. 5 stars

About the Author:  Andrew Webber is a writer of contemporary fiction based in London.

His debut novel Lad, a satirical take on UK lad culture was released in October 2016.

His novella (Today) and short story collections (We Are All Lost) have common themes, focusing on the isolation and weariness with modern life felt by many ordinary people.

He is a voracious reader, with a particular fascination with John Niven, Chuck Palahniuk, David Mitchell, Murakami, Alan Watts, psychology, philosophy and Soreen Malt Loaf.

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