Leave No Trace – Jo Callaghan (Kat and Lock Book 2)

One detective driven by instinct, the other by logic.
It will take both to find a killer who knows the true meaning of fear . . .
When the body of a man is found crucified at the top of Mount Judd, AIDE Lock – the world’s first AI Detective – and DCS Kat Frank are thrust into the spotlight as they are given their first live case.
But with the discovery of another man’s body – also crucified – it appears that their killer is only just getting started. With the police warning local men to be vigilant, the Future Policing Unit is thrust into a hostile media frenzy as they desperately search for connections between the victims. But time is running out for them to join the dots and prevent another death.
For if Kat and Lock know anything, it’s that killers rarely stop – until they are made to.

Book Information: Print Length: 384 pages. Publisher: Simon & Schuster. Publication Date: 28 March 2024

My Thoughts:

In the Blink of An Eye went straight into my TOP TEN Books of 2023, so I was absolutely over the moon to read an early copy of book 2, Leave No Trace and jumped at the chance to be part of the epic blogtour organised by Anne Cater of Random Things Tours.

If you haven’t read In the Blink of An Eye yet, I would absolutely say READ IT NOW, because Leave No Trace follows on from the first book and whilst you could read it as a standalone, the first book is so superb it would be a shame not to get to know the main characters in greater detail.

So, I will assume you have read the first book and now eagerly await the next book in this cracking, original and clever series, and it’s my absolute pleasure to tell you more about Leave No Trace.

This book starts shortly after In the Blink of An Eye ends, set a few weeks prior to Christmas, DCS Kat Frank and AI Lock are tasked with their first “live” murder case. The grisly discovery of a naked man, crucified at the top of a local hill with his ears cut off is the beginning of a very dangerous and gruesome hunt to track down the killer before he or she strikes again.

With huge interest from the media and public, Kat finds herself at the centre of a challenging case facing both public scrutiny and under immense pressure from her boss to solve this crime before the “big guns” from London are brought in.

Once again Jo Callaghan has given the readers such an in-depth and raw glimpse into Kat’s life, as a grieving widow and mother to a son who has recently left home for University.

It is however the originality of AIDE Lock, with his plain speaking, factual and observational skills on the human race, that give this series the edge over other police procedurals.

The growing respect and understanding Lock and Kat have for each other is wonderful to read and this series has potential to keep on going for years to come.

I was very honoured when Jo told me that one of the characters, Tracy Taylor, was named after me and delighted to see that finally Jo has spent my name correctly.

An easy 5 stars from me and please, don’t forget to follow all the amazing bloggers on the tour – details below.

Rating: 5 out of 5.