Lucky Day – Beth Morrey

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

But not today. Today, the rules don’t apply…

After a morning that starts with a terrible migraine, an accidentally strong concoction of painkillers, and a bump on the head, Clover Hendry is not quite herself.

And as she walks out of work at 9.47am, for once Clover isn’t worrying about the consequences.

For once, she’s going to live for herself. . . if only for a day.

Full of a joyful recklessness, Clover Hendry is taking the day off. But will her new-found freedom uncover long-buried secrets?

Book Info: Length: 384 pages. Publisher: HarperCollins. Publication Date: 20 June 2024

My Thoughts:

I read so many dark and disturbing books that sometimes I need a break and Lucky Day looked like the perfect remedy to help lighten my mood.

Meet Clover Hendry, she’s got 16 year old twins, a loving and supportive husband, a very strained relationship with her dysfunctional mother, a demanding job as a TV producer, a house in disrepair, a cat she doesn’t really like and a client who wants to cancel a huge contract and on top of that she’s woken up with the mother of all headaches. Unfortunately, all she can find is a couple of out-of-date Vicodin, followed by 3 antihistamines’ (just in case she has a reaction to the Vicodin) followed by a minor accident on the train to work resulting in mild concussion, Clover decides that today of all days, she is no longer going to take any cr*p from ANYONE.

I absolutely LOVED this book. Clover is a brilliant narrator, her new “f*ck you” attitude was a complete breath of fresh air.

Throughout the book the reader is taken back to Clover’s past, her childhood memories, the relationships with her younger sister and her parents. Her mother’s unpleasant and often hurtful behaviour and we learn why Clover now spends her adult life being walked over and taken advantage of by everyone around her. However, that is the old Clover, the new improved, overly medicated and intoxicated Clover is absolutely hysterical.

We follow Clover throughout the day as she decides she is no longer going to say “yes” just to keep the peace. She’s going to stand up for herself, right some wrongs, face up to everyone and everything that she would normally cower from and above all not feel any guilt for taking back control and standing her ground. There are some incidents that had me howling with laughter; the swimming pool and dinner with ‘Mummy Dearest’ were brilliant.

This book made me smile, chuckle, cringe, laugh-out-loud, snort and gasp from the opening chapter to the final page and if you need some light relief, I would definitely recommend this book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.