Monthly Round-Ups

Monthly Round Up – October 2018

Welcome to my monthly round up for October and I have read 8 wonderful and completely different books which are all highly recommended and one of them is going straight into my TOP TEN books of 2018.

  1. Someone Like Me – MR Carey – a spooky and chilling psychological thriller – read my full review here
  2. Perfect Liars – Rebecca Reid – a fabulous psychological thrillers with the most unlikable characters – read my full review here
  3. The Cactus – Sarah Haywood – as part of my “quirky” phase – this wonderful contemporary character driven novel will delight readers – Here’s my full review
  4. The Night Visitor – Patrick Redmond – spooky doesn’t do this book justice – read it and make sure you keep the lights on – Read my full review here
  5. Jack of Hearts – LC Rosen – a Young Adult LGBT book which, for personal reasons, I adored – read my full review here
  6. Good Samaritans – Will Carver – Speechless (for a change) and straight into my TOP TEN of 2018 – read my thoughts here
  7. Palm Beach, Finland- Antti Tuomainen – Bonkers, Quirky and Slapstick – read my full review here
  8. The Seven Imperfect Rules of Elvira Carr – Frances Maynard – another incredible “quirky” book which I absolutely adored – read my full review here.

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