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Monthly Round Up – September 2018

Oh the shame *hangs head in embarrassment* I’ve only read 6 books this month – BUT I have an excellent excuse……

I have been watching some absolutely amazing TV this month including the first season of Designated Survivor (Netflix), Bodyguard (BBC), Killing Eve (BBC), Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime) plus Celebrity MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off – so I apologise if you were expecting me to read and review lots of books but if you haven’t watched any of the above I highly recommend them all.

So back to books…. the 6 books I’ve read have all been wonderful and all highly recommended.  Below is my brief introduction with a link to my full reviews:

  1. No Way Out – Cara Hunter – The 3rd book in one of my new favourite police procedural series – out on 7th March 2019 – read my full review here
  2. Fatal Inheritance – Rachel Rhys – The 2nd book by Tammy Cohen’s alterego – an atmospheric historical fiction – read my full review here
  3. The Tattoo Thief – Alison Belsham – A grisly and gruesome debut crime novel with some brilliant characters – read my full review here
  4. Lullaby – Leila Slimani – Based on a true story – this is a violent and disturbing tale of the murder to 2 young children by their nanny – read my full review here
  5. Little Darlings – Melanie Golding – Seriously creepy and completely unsettling – this book is out on 2 May 2019 but you can read my full review here
  6. The Dream Wife – Louisa De Lange  – Full review to follow as part of the #blogtour on 7th October.

Below are the links to these 6 books

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