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My Monthly Round-Up – April 2017

So April has arrived, bringing longer days (the clocks went forward), Easter eggs or Matzo or both, school holidays, blue skies and lots of books to read.  Still on a mission to sob out loud I decided to pick my books carefully this month and make sure that I read a couple from my ever growing Netgalley pile (auto-approval can be lethal on the kindle), a book from my TBC 2017 Reading Challenge (I’ve slipped over the past few months whoops) and a couple that just tickle my fancy as and when my mood dictates (which if you know me in real life can change like the weather!).

Halfway through April my reading mojo went AWOL… suddenly it was taking me several days to finish a book rather than 2 and I actually started a couple of books and abandoned them halfway!  This has NEVER happened to me before so I apologise if you were expecting a huge selection of recommended reads I shall put this down to coordinating and running the TBC Charity Book Auction throughout April which involved over 140 auctions and authors but the good news is that we raised over £12,000 for The National Autistic Society.

Below is the list of all the books I read during April and as usual if I loved them the full review will be posted on this website and if they didn’t quite hit the mark then the full review will be on Goodreads.


  1. Sometimes I Lie – Alice Feeney – Psychological thriller which not only delivers a killer headf*ck but leaves you questioning everything you’ve ever read – Read my full review here
  2. Take Me With You – Catherine Ryan Hyde – A beautiful and life affirming alternative to all the psychological thrillers I have been reading.  Read my full review here
  3. The Two O’Clock Boy – Mark Hill –  This is the first book in a new London-set crime thriller series starring morally corrupt DI Ray Drake – Read my full review on Goodreads
  4. Differently Normal – Tammy Robinson – A beautiful heartwarming (and heart breaking) story of friendship, love and family.  Read my full review here
  5. Bright Side – Kim Holden – A YA contemporary novel which left me breathless – Read my full review here
  6. Mercy Killing – Lisa Cutts – An authentic crime thriller with a moral dilemma.  Read my full review here.
  7. Valentina – SE Lynes – A creepy and brilliant psychological thriller – Read my full review here
  8. Don’t Close Your EyesHolly Seddon A psychological thriller I adored – Read my full review here.
  9. Deep Down Dead – Steph Broadribb – A fast and furious thriller – Read my full review here


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