Mother – Laura Jarratt

Two Girls. One Chance.

When Lizzie’s car crashes with her two daughters inside, she faces a terrible choice. And when she recovers from her injuries, she has to deal with the impact of that tragedy as well as the police investigation into it.

As Lizzie and her family struggle to come to terms with the events of that night, things take an even darker turn. Just what did happen on that remote country road? Who is responsible? And can the family get through this together…Or will the truth finally tear them apart?

Laura Jarratt was born in Salford in the 1970s, the decade fashion should really forget. She remains mentally scarred from the numerous childhood photos of her in very bad clothes, which she blames for her present aversion to having her picture taken. Despite being good at English, Classics and Modern Foreign Languages, she accidentally studied Microbiology at university and then went on to work in education. Laura escaped the city as soon as possible as she becomes claustrophobic if not surrounded by enough green. Concrete just does not do it for her.

She’s lived throughout the UK but came home to the North West where she is currently owned by Henry, a ginger cat without a tail, who holds the family in thrall.

My Review:

I read this book as part of an Online Reading Group on Facebook alongside 75 other readers and we read the book in 3 parts over a period of 3 week.

Mother is a very emotional, thought-provoking tale which deeply affected me as a parent. Lizzie is a mother of 2 daughters and on her return trip from a holiday she has a car crash and is faced with the worst possible decision any parent could have to make.

Months after the horrific tragedy Lizzie is now being investigated by the police over the crash and is struggling to come to terms with her decision whilst seeing the rest of her family around her collapse in grief and guilt.

This is a very cleverly written story as the author takes the reader on a very twisty and highly emotional journey with Lizzie and the tension starts mounting when outside factors start to appear.

Overall, Mother will tug at your heartstrings, keep you glued to the pages and make you think about your own family.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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