Mother Loves Me – Abby Davies

One little girl.
Mirabelle’s mother loves her. She’s her ‘little doll’. Mother dresses her, paints her face, and plaits her hair. But as Mirabelle grows, the dresses no longer fit quite as well, the face paint no longer looks quite so pretty. And Mother isn’t happy.
Two little girls.
On Mirabelle’s 13th birthday, Mother arrives home with a present – a new sister, 5-year-old Clarabelle, who Mother has rescued from the outside world.
But Mother only needs one.
As it dawns on Mirabelle that there is a new ‘little doll’ in her house, she also realizes that her life isn’t what she thought it was. And that dolls often end up on the scrap heap…

After acquiring a degree in English Literature, Abby taught English in state and private schools, and earned a Creative Writing MA in 2013. She wrote a great deal throughout her twenties and early thirties. To stay motivated, she told herself that even if it took her until 80 to get her work out to readers, she’d do it.

My Review:

I absolutely LOVE books with bat-sh*t crazy women and boy oh boy Mother Loves Me has one completely mad, bad and bonkers bat-sh*t crazy character.

Meet MOTHER – every morning she puts her daughter Mirabelle in a pretty frilly dolls dress, covers her face in make-up and turns her from a 13 year old girl to a living doll.

Mirabelle knows that Mother loves her but as she grows up and is no longer the cute little girl Mother starts to lose interest and on her 13th birthday Mother brings home a new sister. 5 year old Clarabelle who Mother has rescued from her bad father – except Clarabelle doesn’t seem too happy about being rescued!

Soon Mirabelle begins to question everything she has been told and starts to look for answers about Mother’s behaviour and whether anything she’s been told is true.

This is one CREEPY and GRIPPING story that I couldn’t put down. If you like psychological thrillers that are dark then you will definitely LOVE this book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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