My Husband’s Wife – Anya Mora

Is he dead — or out looking for wife number three?

The first part went like this: Five years ago I was working a late-night shift at Over Easy when Ledger Stone walked in. He looked straight into my eyes and never looked away.

We got married. We were blessed with two beautiful twins. We didn’t have a lot of money but life was good.

Then the call comes. Ledger’s truck crashed through the guardrail and plummeted down into a ravine. They’re saying there’s no way he could have survived. But why can’t they find his body?

And now there’s a woman at my door. She says she’s Ledger’s wife. He was Henry when he was married to her — until he died in a devastating truck accident.

My husband is my rock. My whole life. And the kids want their dad back.

But if he’s alive, then is our whole marriage a lie?

Book Info: 237 pages. Publisher: Joffe Books. Publication Date: 25 July 2023

Anya Mora lives in the PNW with her family. Her novels, while leaning toward the dark, ultimately reflect light, courage, and her innate belief that love rewards the brave. You can discover more about the author at

My Review:

I love Kindle Unlimited – I have discovered so many authors and read so many great books all FREE on KU and Her Husband’s Wife was my latest discovery.

Set in a small town in the US, Penny is 25 years old, married to her soulmate and the mother to an adorable pair of 4 year old twins. She works part-time in a diner, lives hand-to-mouth barely surviving on her paltry pay-cheque and her husband Ledger is a long distance truck driver who spends weeks away from home.

She’s not living her original dream life of moving away from the small town and becoming a famous writer, but she is living a happy life with her young family having had to settle down when she found herself unexpectantly pregnant at 20 years old.

However her life is turned upside down and inside out the day Ledger’s truck is involved in a horrific accident and has driven off the road into a ravine. Totally devastated and grief stricken Penny gets an unexpected visitor the day after the accident. She says her name is Emma and that she is also Ledger’s wife – except his name was Henry then and 5 years ago he also died in a traffic accident.

Now Penny has to re-examine her life with Ledger and look for clues… has he been lying to her for the past 5 years? Is he really dead? Can she believe Emma?

At 237 pages Her Husband’s Wife is a quick and easy read. I was gripped within the first few chapters and really wanted to know what had happened to Ledger. It has a few surprises and twists and certainly kept me entertained for the day. If you are looking for a quick read with an interesting plot, then I would recommend this one.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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