No Secrets – David Jackson


Izzy is cursed. She has highly developed empathic abilities that mean she can read the emotions of those close to her. And she can always tell when they are lying. As a child she sparked her parents’ divorce by revealing her father’s infidelity. As an adult she has cut herself off from almost everyone except her partner, the only person she knows who has nothing to hide.

But no matter how she tries, Izzy’s abilities cannot be controlled. Young girls are going missing, and the police have no suspects. But when Izzy sees her old school caretaker being interviewed, she knows his story about seeing the latest victim being bundled into a car isn’t true. But why would Kenneth Plumley lie? And when the police won’t take her seriously, Izzy risks everything to discover the truth herself…

Book Information: Print Length: 320 pages. Publisher: Viper. Publication Date: 7 July 2022

David Jackson is the acclaimed author of the crime thriller series featuring New York detective Callum Doyle. Pariah, his debut novel, was Highly Commended in the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Awards. It is published in the UK by Pan Macmillan, and various audio and foreign rights have been sold. Follow-up novels in the series are: The Helper, Marked, and Cry Baby. The Guardian newspaper said of David’s writing: ‘Recalls Harlan Coben – though for my money Jackson is the better writer.’

More information about David and his novels can be found on his website at, where he can also be contacted. He goes under the name @Author_Dave on Twitter.

My Review:

For those who follow my blog, you will know that David Jackson is one of my “go-to” authors and there is nothing more exciting that being invited onto the blogtour to read his latest standalone crime thriller No Secrets, out on 7th July 2022.

Imagine having the ability to “read people”, to know when they are lying. Well that is the “gift” 23 year old Izzy was born with. She, however doesn’t think it’s a gift – to her it’s a curse so she lives a very insular and quiet life with her partner Andy and works in a book shop.

When a young girl goes missing locally, the media interview the last person to see her, Kenneth Plumley, her old school janitor and Izzy’s spidery skills start to tingle because she KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt that Kenneth is LYING.

Now Izzy finds herself trying to convince the police that Kenneth is lying but with no actual evidence they can’t take her seriously and with more girls disappearing the clock is ticking to solve this case.

No Secrets is a fast paced thriller which David Jackson never fails to deliver. With some fascinating and flawed characters and a heroine with a very dry sense of humour, No Secrets kept me gripped until the very last page.

There are some deeply disturbing scenes in this book and some killer twists which I did not see coming at all.

If you like your books with a dash of darkness, a sprinkling of suspense, a measure of murder and tablespoons of twists then you should buy this book now.

Rating: 4 out of 5.