Only In Whispers – Jacqueline Grima

About the book:  A forgotten past
An uncertain future
A family hiding from the truth
When their mother is hospitalised with depression, Annie and her brother Matthew are fostered by their beloved Aunt Helen. Their family eventually reunited, the siblings begin a new life in Derbyshire with their mother and new stepfather.

Now in her thirties and separated from her husband, Annie is struggling to escape the past and move forward with her son. Haunted by memories of her childhood, she begins to realise that there may have been more to her time in foster care than her mother claims. Why did social services take her and Matthew away? Who can she trust to tell her what really happened?

As Annie finds out more, things take a sinister turn…has the life she’s lived so far been a lie?

My Review:  Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the tense and twisty psychological thrillers and try something a little lighter but with enough bite to keep you interested and that’s exactly what Only In Whispers does.

Annie has separated from her controlling husband David, and now lives with her 6 year old son Spencer in a converted police house, owned and decorated by her estranged husband who still holds the key and won’t allow her to move on with her life.

During this stressful time she starts remembering missing pieces of her childhood when she and her younger brother were separated from their mother and placed in foster care.  Are her memories real or is she imagining the past?

If you enjoy your dramas with well crafted characters, an intriguing plot and a couple of light twists, then you should check out Only In Whispers which is published by Manatee Books on 28th June 2018.




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