Our Kind Of Cruelty – Araminta Hall

About the book:  This is a love story. This is a tragedy. This is a book about a break up so bad that when you put the pieces of the love story back together, what you get is MURDER …

Mike knows that most of us travel through the world as one half of a whole, desperately searching for that missing person to make us complete.

But he and Verity are different. They have found each other and nothing and no one will tear them apart.

It doesn’t matter that Verity is marrying another man.

You see, Verity and Mike play a game together, a secret game they call ‘the crave’, the aim being to demonstrate what they both know: that Verity needs Mike, and only Mike.

Verity’s upcoming marriage is the biggest game she and Mike have ever played. And it’s for the highest stakes.

Except this time in order for Mike and Verity to be together someone has to die …

About the Author

Araminta Hall began her career in journalism as a staff writer on teen magazine Bliss, becoming Health and Beauty editor of New Woman. On her way, she wrote regular features for the Mirror’s Saturday supplement and ghost-wrote the super-model Caprice’s column.

She is also the author of Everything & Nothing (2011) and Dot (2013) and lives in Brighton with her husband and three children.

You can contact her on twitter at @aramintahall

My Review: This is one of those books that is so dark and tense you almost want to read to with your eyes closed, which obviously isn’t possible. It’s also one of the few books I have felt slightly dirty after reading and needed a shower.

If you follow my blog you will know I love an unreliable narrator, but, seriously, I have never read a book with someone who is so disturbed, affected and delusional as Mike.

I’m not going to give anything away in my review except to say when you start this book, it’s unlikely you will be able to put it down until you’ve finished it.

Our Kind of Cruelty is without doubt a tense, scary, dark and disturbing story, however it is also utterly compelling, addictive and brilliantly written. Personally I loved it and highly recommend it and now need to clean myself with a loofah and some sweet smelling shower gel.

‘A propulsive and addictive study of the darkness of obsessive love. I was completely gripped from the first word to the last.’ LISA JEWELL

‘As merciless a thriller as I’ve ever read. Astonishingly dark and sensationally accomplished.’ AJ FINN, author of The Woman in the Window

‘A tense intelligent thriller that kept me gripped and guessing until the last page – and thinking long after that.’ ERIN KELLY

‘A taut, fascinating psychological thriller. Original and powerful. Be prepared for questions to linger in your head for a long time afterward.’ JULIA HEABERLIN

‘Toxic love, obsession, and the unflinching unravelling of a mind. Scarily plausible, a great read.’ ALI LAND

‘Chilling. Disturbing. Addictive. I couldn’t put this down.’ EMMA FLINT

‘Like watching a slow motion car-crash through splayed fingers’ TAMMY COHEN

‘An addictive dive into dangerous, extreme obsession. A must-read’ JULIA CROUCH



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