A Quickie with Pamela Crane

Tell me about your latest book and why we should read it?

The Art of Fear, my latest thriller, shares the tale of a father’s suspicious death and his daughter’s motive for revenge. After all, if your father sold you to a sex-trafficking ring to make a quick dollar, wouldn’t you want to kill him too? But when a string of murders follows her–and she finds herself the target of the killer–she turns to the only friend she has: Ari Wilburn, a woman with a dark past and a broken family that may have a connection to the killer. Together they investigate to stop the murderer and unearth the lies their families have fed them for so long.

The Art of Fear uncovers the reality of the sex-trafficking industry based on a friend of mine’s–let’s call her Jane–personal experience living through it and escaping it. In Jane’s case, gossip saved her life. So don’t feel bad if you enjoy a tasty gossip session every now and then. 🙂 In Jane’s situation, a nosy neighbor had read a book about the signs of sex-trafficked victims and started spreading the word about Jane, who seemed to fit the profile of a victim. Sure enough, eventually an investigation was under way and Jane found freedom. While thrillers are packed full of creepy people and crazy situations that we never hope to experience, they just might be someone else’s reality. The happy ending of catching the killer and freeing a victim can also be a reality–one that The Art of Fear is loosely based on.

The Art of Fear synopsis:
A father’s suspicious death. A daughter’s motive for revenge. And a cunning killer plotting again.
Ari Wilburn’s life ended long ago, the day she watched her sister die in a tragic accident. Crippled with self-blame and resented by her parents, Ari stumbles through life…and onto an unlikely clue that casts doubt on whether the death was accidental.
A psychological wreck, Ari joins a suicide support group where she meets Tina, a sex-enslaved escapee who suspects foul play in her long-lost father’s suicide. In a pursuit of justice, Tina drags Ari into playing a dangerous game with the killer.
As the two murders seem connected, Ari must face her demons and the killer behind them … or lose everything she loves.

If someone was to write your life story what would the title be?

The Mental Mommy

What’s the strangest fan question or request you’ve received?

My obsession with massages isn’t a secret. So one of my fans requested to give me a massage. And dare I say that I almost said yes? Luckily the threat of accepting a massage from a total stranger prompted my hubby into action that night–giving me a massage, that is! (Dirty minds…)

If you could co-write with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would it be?

Stephen King. I know, I know, what a generic answer. But the man’s a literary genius, he can write almost any genre, and he’d be a good teacher too (I’ve read one of his how-to books on writing and his teaching is very accessible to us writing newbies). Perfect combo to pair up with. Plus, instant best-seller, hello?

Tell me something nobody else knows about you (yet!).

I’ve never admitted this out loud, but I don’t think babies are cute. How can a mother of four not think babies are cute, you ask? They look more like hairless owls to me. Now, owls are cute. But babies, not so much. Please don’t hate me for this confession!

Finally please recommend 3 books that you have recently read and tell me why you’ve chosen these.

If you’re in the mood for something deeply thought-provoking and with powerful literary stylings, I recommend Iodine by Haven Kimmel. It’s a treasure of prose and odd characters, though it’s a slow read, so hang in there.

If you’re looking for an intriguing psychological thriller with steady pacing and relatable characters, I recently read See Me Not by Janelle Harris and really enjoyed it.

Want something sort of thriller-y but with a cool psychic twist? I recommend 2nd Sight by Ben Sharpton, a book I read that blends murder, science, with a touch of “choose-your-own-adventure” as the plot is shaped by several possible outcomes due to the protagonist’s psychic abilities.

Who is Pamela Crane?

Pamela Crane is a professional juggler. Not the type of juggler who can toss flaming torches in the air, but a juggler of four kids, a writing addiction, a horse rescuer, and a book editor by trade. She lives on the edge (ask her Arabian horse about that—he’ll tell you all about their wild adventures while trying to train him!) and she writes on the edge. Her characters and plots are her escape from the real world of dirty diapers and cleaning horse stalls, and the masochist in her thrives off of hurting her characters to create an entertaining tale.

She is the author of several best-selling and award-winning thrillers. To pick up a copy of a FREE book and other prizes, or to find out more about her chaotic existence, visit her website at here

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