Pigeonwings – Heide Goody & Iain Grant (Clovenhoof Book 2)

Pigeonwings – Heide Goody & Iain Grant (Clovenhoof Book 2) – Genre – Humour

BlurbAs punishment for his part in an attempted coup in Heaven, the Archangel Michael is banished to Earth. The holiest of the angelic host has to learn to live as a mortal, not an easy job when you’ve got Satan as a next-door neighbour.

Michael soon finds that being a good person involves more than helping out at Sunday school and attending church coffee mornings. He has to find his purpose in life, deal with earthly temptations and solve a mystery involving some unusual monks and a jar of very dangerous jam.

Sequel to the best-selling Clovenhoof, Heide Goody and Iain Grant have written a wild comedy that features spear-wielding cub scouts, accidental transvestites, King Arthur, a super-intelligent sheepdog, hallucinogenic snacks, evil peacocks, old ladies with biscuits, naked paintball, stolen tractors, clairvoyant computers, the Women’s Institute, and way too much alcohol

My Review: Pigeonwings is the second book in the Clovenhoof series and once again you are guaranteed some giggles as we meet up with Jeremy, Ben, Nerys and The Archangel Michael and the gang. Full of ridiculously amusing situations, Jeremy Clovenhoof (formerly known as Satan) is outrageous and hysterical.

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