Real Crime – Audible Original

Britain’s most chilling crimes are brought sensationally to life in this compelling new series, using court room transcripts, police interviews, 999 calls, secret audio recordings and eye witness testimonies.

Episode 1: The Philpotts

After six of Mick Philpott’s 17 children were killed in a house fire, the police closed in on their prime suspects – their parents. Hear the secret police recordings as police bug their hotel room to reveal the killers.

Episode 2: The Story of Louise Woodward

Louise Woodward is the ‘most notorious criminal convicted in Massachusetts’ according to a US law magazine. We re-examine the case and ask: did the British nanny really shake baby Matthew Eappen to death?

Episode 3: Playing with My Killer

The story of Lewis Daynes, 18, who groomed and killed a 14-year-old boy then chillingly called 999 to report his crime. Hear the voice of this cold-blooded killer as he takes six minutes to calmly tell the emergency dispatch operator exactly what he’s done.

Episode 4: The Jamie Bulger Story

Two boys were just 10 years old when they killed the toddler James Bulger. Hear their trembling confession of what happened that tragic day.

It’s a parent’s worst fear — you turn your back for a moment and suddenly your child is missing. In this case the fear turns to a most shocking nightmare. Then, the whole country reacted with shock and anger – with angry mobs attacking police vans.

Episode 5: The Story of Raoul Moat

Raoul Moat, a thug with a mohawk, killed his ex-girlfriends’ lover, sparking the biggest man hunt in British history and a grotesque media event.

In this episode of Real Crime you can hear how the search panned out, including the final deadly moments.

Episode 6: The Bus Stop Rapist

He was dubbed the ‘Bus Stop Rapist’ and he struck again and again. But it was the story of 13-year-old Milly Dowler, snatched on her way home from school, which captured the imagination of a nation… and led in part to the downfall of a national newspaper.

Episode 7: The Hungerford Massacre

Michael Ryan’s shooting rampage left a trail of bloody mayhem through a pretty English market town, wrecking countless lives. Hear the full negotiation between police and the killer as he holed up in a school classroom, carrying a machine gun and a grenade.

Episode 8: Sarah Payne’s Killer

The day after 8-year-old Sarah Payne disappears, police arrest her killer – and then promptly let him go. We tell the shocking story of her abduction and how it took seven months to finally catch the murderer.

Episode 9: The Ipswich Murders

In a small English town, a killer targets prostitutes. Hear his next victim speak – days before she was murdered.

Real Crime reveals the true story of a killer who plunged a community into fear as he killed again and again, and how police finally stopped the murderer.

Episode 10: The Wimbledon Common Killer

The murder and sexual assault of the young model Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common in 1992 was particularly horrific. Her two-year-old son sat next to her dead body, telling his mum to wake up. After a series of police errors, her real killer was finally brought to justice 16 years later, allowing him in the process to take away two more lives.

Real Crime retells the story, bringing to life the controversial police tactics to find Rachel’s killer.

My Review:

I’m now totally addicted to Podcasts especially about true crime and once again I listened to this in the space of a day.

With 10 episodes featuring horrific and brutal crimes that I remember at the time, listening to the real life 999 calls and interview recordings gives these Podcast that extra depth of chilling and horror as the listener hears the victims and the perpetrators tell their stories.

It’s difficult not to get emotional over some of these cases, especially when children are involved and the re-telling of these cases brings back some awful memories and feelings especially the Rachel Nickell, Sarah Payne, Philpott children and James Bulger murders.

Fascinating, terrifying and compelling.

Rating: 5 out of 5.