My Monthly Round-Up – March 2017

I really hate March – it’s cold, wet and miserable but it is also perfect time to curl up with a good book (or two) which is exactly what I did.  

This month I am on a mission to find a book that makes me cry – big, snotty, ugly cry – and did I find that book?  Unfortunately not!  Either I have become desensitized after reading too many pyschological thrillers or my tear ducts have gone awol leaving me dry eyed in March.  I won’t give up however and hope that April brings a few tearjerkers my way.

Below is a list of the books I have read this month, some I adored, some I enjoyed and some were different!!

  1. One by One – Chris Carter – Book 5 in the Robert Hunter Series – You are almost guaranteed a gruesome but exciting crime thriller and I loved it.  Here’s my full review.
  2. I Am Not A Serial Killer – Dan Wells – An original and darkly amusing book about a 15 year old who is convinced he is a serial killer.  Read my full review here.
  3. Alone – Marissa Farrar – This was part of my TBC Reading Challenge – a book outside my comfort zone – and what better than a vampire romance!  Certainly different to my usual books – but I don’t think I will be converting to a PNR #weirdo just yet.  If you like PNR though you will enjoy it.  My full review can be found here.
  4. Love Me Not – MJ Arlidge – The 7th book in the brilliant Helen Grace series.  I loved it and you can read my full review here
  5. Song for Tomorrow – Alice Peterson – This was recommended to me as an ideal book to make me cry – Hmmmm – read my full review here
  6. Under Your Skin – Sabine Durrant – A fabulous twisty psychological thriller – read my full review here
  7. Friend Request – Laura Marshall – A chilling psychological thriller which isn’t out until July – but I loved it – read my full review here
  8. The Idea of You – Amanda Prowse – A wonderful emotive book from the queen of domestic drama – loved it – but no tears!  – Read my full review here
  9. Lying in Wait – Liz Nugent – A superb dark and twisted psychological thriller which goes into my Top 10 Books of 2017 – Read my full review here
  10. The Marsh King’s Daughter – Karen Dionne – An atmospheric, hauntingly beautiful thriller – Read my full review here
  11. Tall Oaks – Chris Whitaker – One of the most genius, brilliant character driven books I have ever read – Read my full review here
  12. Bully Boy Blue – John Nicholl – I ended the month with a novella – highly disturbing but very powerful – Read my full review here


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