Shootout: The Battle for North Hollywood by Grant Anderson & Peter McDonnell

On a typical Friday morning in February 1997, two masked men dressed in body armor and carrying automatic rifles burst into the Bank of America in North Hollywood, California and started shooting.

They forced customers to the ground, stuffed hundreds of thousands of dollars into a duffel bag, and exited out the back…where they were surrounded by police.

For the next 44 minutes, the armed robbers and police engaged in a deadly gunfight on the streets of Los Angeles. News choppers overhead aired the North Hollywood shootout live on television, while down on the ground, a neighborhood of strangers converged to stop the carnage and save lives. Many of them are telling their incredible stories for the first time.

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My Review

This is an audible original podcast over 5 episodes (44 minutes) about an armed bank robbery in California one morning which resulted in a deadly gunfight.

Told through the eyes of several eyewitnesses and first responders Shootout is an intense listen which had me in tears throughout.

Listening to the harrowing accounts from the police despatcher to the dentist who saved several lives that day, it’s a story of hope and determination in the most horrific circumstances.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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