Sometimes I Lie – Alice Feeney

My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me.

1. I’m in a coma

2. My husband doesn’t love me any more

3. Sometimes I lie

My Review:  This is being marketed by the publishers with the tagline “A psychological thriller with a killer twist you’ll never forget” – personally I think they need to change it to “don’t believe everything you read“.  This book is narrated by Amber Reynolds and I actually think that if you look in the dictionary for the definition of “unreliable narrator” you will see Amber’s photo there!  Without giving anything away we know immediately that Amber is in a coma and she openly admits that “sometimes she lies”.  This book takes you on a journey and boy you need to hold on tight, buckle up and remember to breathe as this is one hell of a ride – in fact I think I am now suffering from whiplash.  Switching from present day to the days leading up to the incident resulting in Amber’s coma and then switching to her childhood, this stunning debut is utterly addictive, atmospheric, creepy and tense throughout.  I have never consciously re-read a book (life’s too short), but I think I may have to make an exception purely to work out WTF I just read.  A masterpiece in headf*cks.

About The Author:  Alice Feeney is a writer and journalist. She spent 16 years at the BBC, where she worked as a Reporter, News Editor, Arts and Entertainment Producer and One O’clock News Producer.

Alice is a Faber Academy graduate from the class of 2016. She has lived in London and Sydney and has now settled in the Surrey countryside, where she lives with her husband and dog.

Sometimes I Lie is her debut thriller and is being published around the world in 2017.

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