Sushi for Beginners – Marian Keyes

Sushi for Beginners – Marian Keyes – Genre – Chick-Lit / Humour

A nervous breakdown seems like a great idea: all that lying in bed and watching daytime TV. But who’s going to have it? Will it be housewife Clodagh, who spends her days microwaving pasta for her demanding toddlers and waiting for her beautiful husband Dylan to come home? Or Lisa, hard, brittle and shiny as an M&M, reeling from the shock of a demotion from her fabulous job in London to a one-horse magazine in Dublin? Or Ashling, so normal she’s weird?

My Review:  It’s more than likely that I will include most of Marian’s back catalogue amongst my favourite chick-lit/humour books.  You just can’t go wrong.  She is a phenomenal author and I highly recommend all her books.


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