The Cry – Helen Fitzgerald

The Cry – Helen Fitzgerald – Genre – Psychological Thriller

Blurb: He’s gone. And telling the truth won’t bring him back…

When a baby goes missing on a lonely roadside in Australia, it sets off a police investigation that will become a media sensation and dinner-table talk across the world.

Lies, rumours and guilt snowball, causing the parents, Joanna and Alistair, to slowly turn against each other.

Finally Joanna starts thinking the unthinkable: could the truth be even more terrible than she suspected? And what will it take to make things right?

The Cry is a dark psychological thriller with a gripping moral dilemma at its heart and characters who will keep you guessing on every page.

My Review:  ‘The Cry’ is a tense psychological thriller that is full of  twists and turns.  Full of tension, I was on the edge of my seat throughout and it is pretty dark and disturbing in places – just what I love in a book!


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