The Darkest Water – Mark Edwards

In this chilling thriller from the bestselling author of Keep Her Secret, if you don’t take your dark secrets to the grave, maybe they’ll take you there first…

Calvin finally owns the bakery of his dreams, in an idyllic village in the Lake District. After reluctantly following his wife Vicky’s advice to promote it on social media, he’s thrilled when a viral clip makes him a legend overnight. But then the creepy DMs start flooding in—all from a stranger who claims she’s his biggest fan.

Meanwhile, a local recluse is found on a nearby beach, buried to his neck and left to drown, and the community goes into shock. Why would anyone want him dead? And who exactly was he? Detective Imogen Evans, new to the Lake District, is under pressure to find out before the killer strikes again.

As the murder hunt gathers pace, Calvin’s obsessive admirer turns up right on cue after his assistant is injured in an accident, and to Vicky’s horror she’s here to stay. As events begin spiralling into darkness, is there anyone in this quiet backwater Calvin can trust—or have his mistakes already put him, and everyone he loves, in terrible danger?

Book Info: Print length: 355 pages. Publisher: Thomas & Mercer. Publication Date: 16 April 2024

My Thoughts:

The Darkest Water is Mark Edward’s latest thriller and features Detective Imogen Evans from The Lucky Ones, but if you haven’t read The Lucky Ones yet, don’t worry as this can ABSOLUTELY be read as a standalone.

The story is set in the Lake District and Calvin Matheson’s dreams of opening a cafe and bakery are slowly turning into a nightmare due to no customers and dwindling finances. When his wife tells him to start promoting the cafe on social media with the help of his assistant one of his posts goes viral bringing him overnight success and plenty of new customers.

However, the darker side of social media soon rears it’s ugly head and when Calvin starts getting DM’s from a female stalker claiming to be his greatest fan, suddenly his success puts him and those closest to him in real danger.

Meanwhile, the body of a local man is found buried up to his neck in the sea and Detective Imogen Evans, who has recently moved to the area, is in charge of finding out who this man is, why he was killed and to catch the killer.

The Darkest Water has two storylines running alongside each other and slowly the reader begins to find out more about Calvin and more about the man on the beach. Is there any connection between them and will Imogen catch the killer before they strike again?

Another twisty tale from the warped mind of Mark Edwards!

Rating: 4 out of 5.