The Defence – Steve Cavanagh (Eddie Flynn Book 1)

The truth has no place in a courtroom. The truth doesn’t matter in a trial.

The only thing that matters is what the prosecution can prove.

Eddie Flynn used to be a con artist. Then he became a lawyer. Turned out the two weren’t that different.

It’s been over a year since Eddie vowed never to set foot in a courtroom again. But now he doesn’t have a choice. Olek Volchek, the infamous head of the Russian mafia in New York, has strapped a bomb to Eddie’s back and kidnapped his ten-year-old daughter Amy.

Eddie only has 48 hours to defend Volchek in an impossible murder trial – and win – if wants to save his daughter.

Under the scrutiny of the media and the FBI, Eddie must use his razor-sharp wit and every con-artist trick in the book to defend his ‘client’ and ensure Amy’s safety. With the timer on his back ticking away, can Eddie convince the jury of the impossible?

Lose this case and he loses everything.

My Review:  Steve Cavanagh sent me a signed copy of The Defence about 18 months ago for my signed bookshelf and my husband (who doesn’t read) opened the post and saw the cover.  Now I’m not judging my husband – after all he married me so he must have good taste – but I think the words “Con Artist, Lawyer, Liar, Husband, Drunk, Father” obviously appealed to Mr F – so he asked me if he could read it!  Now, I’m all for sharing the love of reading, but NO ONE touches my signed book collection, so I downloaded a copy instead onto his dusty,  unused kindle – and boy did he LOVE it.  So thank you Mr Cavanagh for that.  18 months later I have taken part in a reading challenge on THE Book Club and one of the categories is to read a debut book by a TBC author.  Therefore The Defence was my obvious choice (especially as the author keeps dropping hints!).  I am so glad I did.

The Defence is a fast paced action legal thriller with an emphasis on thrilling.  Eddie Flynn is our hero – flawed but loveable who finds himself defending the head of the Russian Mafia in a murder trial whilst they are holding his 10 year old daughter hostage.  The Defence is the book that John Grisham, Lee Child and Bruce Willis might have written if they ever penned a novel.  Absolutely loved it and will be looking forward to the next in the series.

About the Author: Steve Cavanagh was born and raised in Belfast and is a practicing lawyer and holds a certificate in Advanced Advocacy. He is married with two young children. The Defence was chosen as one of Amazon’s great debuts for 2015, as part of their Amazon Rising Stars programme. In 2015 Steve received the ACES award for Literature from the Northern Ireland Arts Council. The Defence was longlisted for the Crime Writer’s Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, and shortlisted for two Dead Good Readers Awards.

Steve writes fast-paced legal thrillers set in New York City featuring series character Eddie Flynn.

Find out more at or follow Steve on Twitter @SSCav

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