The First Last Kiss – Ali Harris

The First Last Kiss – Ali Harris – Genre – Contemporary

Blurb: How do you hold on to a love that is slowly slipping away from you?

Can you let go of the past when you know what is in the future?

And how do you cope when you know that every kiss is a countdown to goodbye?

This is the story of a love affair, of Ryan and Molly and how they fell in love and were torn apart. The first time Molly kissed Ryan, she knew they’d be together forever. Six years and thousands of kisses later she’s married to the man she loves. But today, when Ryan kisses her, Molly realises how many of them she wasted because the future holds something which neither of them could have ever predicted…

My Review:  Make sure you have plenty of tissues to hand – this is one hell of a tear-jerker!  A wonderfully emotional love story which is so powerful and sad and beautiful at the same time.  Loved it and always recommend it.

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