The Guilty Wife – Elle Croft


If you were being framed for murder, how far would you go to clear your name?

I’m not guilty of murder.

Bethany Reston is happily married. But she’s also having an affair with a famous client.

And no one can ever know.

But that doesn’t make me innocent.

When Bethany’s lover is brutally murdered, she has to hide her grief from everyone.

But someone knows her secret. And then one day the threats begin.

With an ever-growing pile of evidence pointing to her as the murderer, the only way she can protect her secrets is to prove her innocence. And that means tracking down a killer.

An incredibly taut, tense game of cat and mouse – with a twist you’ll never see coming.

My Review:  The Guilty Wife is the debut novel by Elle Croft and, in my opinion, it’s a really well written and gripping novel.  Psychological Thrillers are my absolute favourite books to read and also one of the most popular genres at the moment so I’m finding it harder and harder to read one which keeps me guessing and turning the pages in anticipation, this book did though.

The main character Bethany is not the most likeable character, her behaviour and actions are not particularly honourable and it’s difficult to feel any sympathy or empathy for a married woman who has an affair with her client, even when her lover gets murdered and she is being stalked by the killer and framed for his murder.

This book is definitely one of those “just one more chapter” books and I will admit that I had my suspicions on who the killer was very early on, but I got it completely WRONG!  Lots of red-herrings, twists and turns and a clever plot-line makes The Guilty Wife an easy book to recommend to fans of psychological thrillers.

About the Author: Elle Croft was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia and moved to the UK in 2010 after travelling around the world with her husband. She works as a freelance social media specialist and also blogs about travel, food and life in London. The Guilty Wife is her debut novel.

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