The Honeymoon – Tina Seskis

For as long as she can remember, Jemma has been planning the perfect honeymoon. A fortnight’s retreat to a five-star resort in the Maldives, complete with luxury villas, personal butlers and absolute privacy.

It should be paradise, but it’s turned into a nightmare.

Because the man Jemma married a week ago has just disappeared from the island without a trace. And now her perfect new life is vanishing just as quickly before her eyes.

After everything they’ve been through together, how can this be happening? Is there anyone on the island that Jemma can trust? And above all – where has her husband gone?

My 5 star Review:   I am a huge fan of Tina’s first book One Step Too Far and was honoured when she contacted me and asked me to read an early version of this book.  I was gripped from the first page and didn’t put it down until the last page.  This clever psychological thriller is full of characters with dark secrets and guilt.  The Honeymoon has twists and turns everywhere and should be HUGE in 2017.

About the Author: Tina Seskis grew up in Hampshire, before going off to study in the beautiful city of Bath and then moving to London, where she has lived on and off ever since.

Tina’s first novel One Step Too Far was released in 2013, and has since been published in 17 languages in over 60 countries. Her latest novel, The Honeymoon, will finally be released on 1st June 2017.

Tina lives in North London with her husband and son

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