The Killing Game – J S Carol

Publicist JJ Johnson is having lunch when a masked, armed gunman walks in and takes everyone hostage – including Hollywood’s hottest stars. JJ can make any problem disappear and turn ordinary people into global superstars. But this is one situation way out of her control.

As word spreads of the siege, the hostage victims are bargaining for their lives against a twisted individual who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

With the bomb designed to detonate if the gunman’s heart rate changes, killing him is not an option. But with only four hours to stop him, JJ will have to think fast to stop a terrifying nightmare becoming reality.

My Review: I loved James Carol’s Jefferson Winter book and was really excited about reading this new standalone book. Packed with punchy, short chapters The Killing Game is a tense thriller about a suicide bomber who walks into one of the top restaurants in LA and takes the diners hostage. The story is told from the viewpoint of two of the hostages – JJ who is a fierce female PR guru and Alex King a young Hollywood star and the journalist who is reporting live throughout the siege. With lots of characters, it did get slightly confusing in places but overall an entertaining read.

About The Author: James Carol was born in Scotland in 1969, where he spent his early years. He moved to England in the eighties and has lived there ever since. At various times he has worked as a guitarist, sound engineer, guitar tutor, journalist, and a horse riding instructor.

When he’s not writing, James spends his time training horses and riders. An accomplished guitarist, he relaxes by writing and recording music. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children.

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