The Memory Box – Eva Lesko Natiello

What would you do if you Googled yourself and discovered something shocking?

In this gripping psychological thriller, a group of privileged suburban moms amuse themselves by Googling everyone in town, digging up dirt to fuel thorny gossip. Caroline Thompson, devoted mother of two, sticks to the moral high ground and attempts to avoid these women. She’s relieved to hear her name appears only three times, citing her philanthropy. Despite being grateful that she has nothing to hide, a delayed pang of insecurity prods Caroline to Google her maiden name—which none of the others know.

The hits cascade like a tsunami. Caroline’s terrified by what she reads. An obituary for her sister, JD? That’s absurd. With every click, the revelations grow more alarming. They can’t be right. She’d know. Caroline is hurled into a state of paranoia—upending her blissful family life—desperate to prove these allegations false before someone discovers they’re true.

The disturbing underpinnings of The Memory Box expose a story of deceit, misconceptions, and an obsession for control. With its twists, taut pacing, and psychological tenor, Natiello’s page-turning suspense cautions: Be careful what you search for.

My Review:  If only there was a genre called “Headf*ck and WTF”, then this book would fit in there perfectly.  I personally LOVED this book, but I know it left lots of readers confused – but hey – that’s the fun of reading isn’t it.  Not everyone will like the same books.

About the Author: EVA LESKO NATIELLO is the award-winning author of NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestseller, The Memory Box, a HOUSTON WRITERS GUILD MANUSCRIPT AWARD WINNER. She is a graduate of The State University of NY at Albany with a degree in psychology. Eva is a native of Yonkers, NY and currently lives in suburban New Jersey with her family. THE MEMORY BOX, a debut novel, is a is a worldwide bestseller and a #1 bestseller on Amazon. When Eva’s not writing suspense novels, she writes humorous musings about life’s ironies on her blog. She loves the creative process: painting, gardening, singing or re-purposing (though many D.I.Y. projects have been fraught with disaster, it doesn’t seem to stop her). Eva is incredibly grateful to her readers for their enthusiasm–when they take time to write reviews, get in touch or spread the word. She is currently at work on her next novel.

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