The Night Visitor – Patrick Redmond

About the book: When does a gift become a curse?

Meg has a gift. She can change lives. But when tragedy strikes in childhood she vows never to use it again.
Now an adult, she is living in Cornwall; a place where the elements themselves have a life of their own. When they call she refuses to listen, fearful of the dark places where her gift can lead.

But the dead will not be silenced. They are stronger than her. And now they have chosen she is powerless to escape…

My Review:  OK, so I don’t know how to review this book without giving too much away, so I will say this first; I read this book in one sitting and the fact that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it is to me a sign of a gripping, well written novel.

This is my first book by Patrick Redmond and is definitely NOT my last.  The main character Meg is a strong and fearless female character who has a “gift”, however when a tragedy strikes in her childhood she decides to no longer use this gift.

The book then brings us to the present day Meg as a successful, workaholic who finds herself on a sabbatical due to personal problems and moves to a village in Cornwall to escape her demons, but finds herself having to face them instead.

This is one seriously spooky, chilling read and if you like a story guaranteed to keep you turning those pages then The Night Visitor is one you must download and read now.

About the Author:  Patrick Redmond is an English author of psychological thrillers; typical themes include insanity, secrets and death. He attended Felsted School, then studied law at Leicester University and British Columbia in Vancouver.

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