The Resident – David Jackson


Thomas Brogan is a serial killer. Having left a trail of bodies in his wake, and with the police hot on his heels, it seems like Thomas has nowhere left to hide. That is until he breaks into an abandoned house at the end of a terrace on a quiet street. And when he climbs up into the loft, he realises that he can drop down into all the other houses on the street through the shared attic space.

That’s when the real fun begins. Because the one thing that Thomas enjoys even more than killing, is playing games with his victims. And his new neighbours have more than enough dark secrets to make this game his best one yet…

Do you fear The Resident? Soon you’ll be dying to meet him.

About the Author:

David Jackson is the author of a series of crime thrillers featuring Irish-American NYPD Detective Callum Doyle. The first in the series, Pariah, was Highly Commended in the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Awards. It is published by Pan Macmillan. His writing influences include Ed McBain, Dennis Lehane, George Pelecanos, Robert Crais, Michael Connelly and Harlan Coben, amongst many others. His favourite quote about his work is one from the Guardian, now carried on the front of his novels: ‘Recalls Harlan Coben – though for my money Jackson is the better writer.’  DS Nathan Cody is a new series.

My Review:

For the record I believe I am David Jackson’s NUMBER ONE FAN – although apparently several other bloggers are claiming this title, so I shall ignore them and continue to convince myself otherwise. (Ner Ner Ner Ner Ner Kate @bibliophileBC)

The Resident is David’s latest standalone thriller published by Serpent’s Tail/Profile Books and available to download/buy on 16th July 2020.  If you haven’t read any of David’s previous books then let me tell you this “you are really missing out and I can 100% recommend them all” and if you have read any, then let me assure you that this author just gets better and better with each book.

The Resident is NOT for the feint hearted, the squirmish and the readers with no sense of humour but it is for everyone who loves a sick, twisted and, quite frankly, hysterical serial killer.  Meet Thomas Brogan, your local serial killer with some major issues (although I’m pretty confident most serial killers have issues).  Thomas is on the run, having killed a few too many people and finds himself in an abandoned end of terrace house.  Once safely inside he explores and finds he can move across the attics of the attached 3 houses, spying on his oblivious neighbours.

There are so many things I want to say about this book, but you need to read it to find out for yourself.  I absolutely LOVED Brogan’s inner thoughts, his relationship with his elderly neighbour, the run in with a dog and learning about his troubled childhood.  This book kept me absolutely glued to the screen, howling in inappropriate places, emotional and sad in others, but above all thoroughly entertained.  I know it’s not right to admit that you like a twisted, dark and very disturbed serial killer, but between you and me, I don’t think I’m mind if Brogan was living in my attic (although he’d have to sift through 17 years of baby clothes, furniture, unwanted files and fax machines).

Well done David Jackson, another gripping, entertaining and brilliantly written thriller.  5 stars from me.

Lots of love



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