The Shadow Sister (The Seven Sisters Book 3) – Lucinda Riley

Following on from the bestselling The Seven Sisters and The Storm SisterThe Shadow Sister is the third book in Lucinda Riley’s spellbinding series, loosely based on the mythology of the Seven Sisters star cluster.

Star D’Aplièse is at a crossroads in her life after the sudden death of her beloved father – the elusive billionaire, named Pa Salt by his six daughters, all adopted by him from the four corners of the world. He has left each of them a clue to their true heritage, but Star – the most enigmatic of the sisters – is hesitant to step out of the safety of the close relationship she shares with her sister CeCe. In desperation, she decides to follow the first clue she has been left, which leads her to an antiquarian bookshop in London, and the start of a whole new world . . .

A hundred years earlier, headstrong and independent Flora MacNichol vows she will never marry. She is happy and secure in her home in the Lake District, living close to her idol, Beatrix Potter, when machinations outside of her control lead her to London, and the home of one of Edwardian society’s most notorious players, Alice Keppel. Flora is pulled between passionate love and duty to her family, but finds herself a pawn in a game – the rules of which are only known to others, until a meeting with a mysterious gentleman unveils the answers that Flora has been searching for her whole life . . .

As Star learns more of Flora’s incredible journey, she too goes on a voyage of discovery, finally stepping out of the shadow of her sister and opening herself up to the possibility of love.

About The Author:

Lucinda Riley was born in Ireland, and after an early career as an actress in film, theatre and television, wrote her first book aged twenty-four. Her books have been translated into over thirty five languages and sold twenty-five million copies worldwide. She is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller.

Lucinda is currently writing The Seven Sisters series, which tells the story of adopted sisters and is inspired by the mythology of the famous star cluster. It has become a global phenomenon, with each book in the series being a No.1 bestseller across the world. The series is currently in development with a major Hollywood production company.

My Review:

This is the 3rd book in the sweeping, epic historical fiction saga featuring The Seven Sisters adopted by Pa Salt from all corners of the world and given a clue to uncover their past.  Whilst the books can be read in any order, I am listening to them via Audible in the order they were written.

Book 3 features the third sister Star who has spent her life in the shadows of her confident and outspoken younger sister CeCe.  CeCe has been the self-appointed voice of the two girls, making life changing decisions for them both and basically not allowed Star to think or act independently.  Upon their adoptive father’s death, both girls move to London and Star begins to look into the letter and clue that Pa Salt left her which leads to an old bookshop in London.

The readers are then taken on a historical journey back to over 100 years previously and we follow the life of Flora MacNichol, a young woman living in the Lake District with her family.  The story alternates between Star’s journey to find her birth family and Flora’s life story.  Both Star and Flora are “The Shadow Sisters” living in the shadows of their younger sisters and this book gives both women the chance to step out of the shadows and grow.

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to lovers of historical fiction and family sagas.

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