The Ugly Truth – LC North

Melanie Lange has disappeared.

Her father, Sir Peter Lange, says she is a danger to herself and has been admitted to a private mental health clinic.

Her ex-husband, Finn, and best friend, Nell, say she has been kidnapped.

The media will say whichever gets them the most views.

But whose side are you on?

Told via interviews, transcripts and diary entries, The Ugly Truth is a shocking and addictive thriller about fame, power and the truth behind the headlines.

Book Info: Print length: 353 pages. Publisher: Transworld Digital. Publication Date: 2 March 2023

L.C. North studied psychology at university before pursuing a career in Public Relations. Her first book club thriller – The Ugly Truth – combines her love of psychology and her fascination with the celebrities in the public eye. L.C. North is currently working on her second novel, and when she’s not writing, she co-hosts the crime thriller podcast, In Suspense. L.C. North lives on the Suffolk borders with her family. L.C. North is the pen name of Lauren North. Readers can follow her on Twitter @Lauren_C_North and Facebook @LaurenNorthAuthor.

My Review:

I’ve read a few of this authors previous books (published under Lauren North) and really enjoyed them and when I saw The Ugly Truth and read the blurb I knew it would be something I would like.

Told through transcripts, interviews, podcasts, twitter and a Netflix document The Ugly Truth introduces us to Melanie (Mellie) Lange. An ex-model, business woman, mother, entrepreneur and influencer who has spent most of her life under the scrutiny of the press and media. When a video is uploaded to her YouTube channel showing Melanie claiming to have been kidnapped by her father and held against her will for the past 6 months Social Media literally implodes.

No-one has seen or heard from her in months, her best friend is frantic, her ex-husband is concerned and her 2 young boys are devastated, however her father Sir Peter Lange says she is fine – she’s safe in a hospital after having a mental breakdown. Who is telling the truth?

WOW.. I absolutely LOVED this book. I loved how the story is slowly unwrapped and revealed to the reader through different sources, reading the differing versions from the best friend, the father, the ex-husband, the friends, the followers, the public.

The Ugly Truth looks at the danger of social media, the downside of fame and how a pack mentality can make or break someone. Topical and relevant and thoroughly addictive I would definitely recommend this book.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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