The Young Widows – SJ Short

Meet the young widows:

The hot mess

Kylie is done with commitment. Her trust in men died with her husband. Now she trawls bars looking for fun – no strings, no promises, no second night. That is until she meets a man who seems to want more, but is it a mistake to trust again?

The new member

Hannah’s grief is fresh and reminds the other widows how raw their pain once was – however, do they want to let that back into their lives?

The wallflower

Isabel is used to hiding in the shadows, her past still haunts her. Only her late husband knew what happened the night that ruined her life.

The fiancée

Adriana is moving on. But as her wedding draws closer, she’s starting to question how well she truly knows her partner. Then she receives an anonymous note that reads: Get out while you still can.

Four very different women brought together by their grief, only to find their lives are inexplicably linked in the darkest of ways.

Book Info: Print length: 376 pages. Publisher: Avon. Publication date: 1 Feb 2024

My Thoughts:

Are you looking for an entertaining, twisty and compelling thriller? Well in that case I would definitely recommend The Young Widows by SJ Short.

This book is exactly what I personally enjoy in a standalone story. A great cast of colourful and memorable characters and quite a few guilty secrets and lies to ensure not everyone is who they seem to be.

Set in Australia, The Young Widows centres around a group of 4 strangers who met initially through an online support group for Young Widows . All of them widowed before they were 30, they now meet in real life on a weekly basis and have become friends.

Each character narrates her own story which enables the reader to learn more about their personal grief and coping mechanisms.

When one of the group becomes engaged and then receives a warning about her husband-to-be, she begins to doubt everything she thought she knew and everyone she thought she trusted.

Slowly, the reader finds out more about these women and it becomes clear that it’s not just grief that binds them together, they all carry dark secrets about their past and the past appears to be catching up.

The Young Widows is a gripping, fast paced, page turner and fans of twisty psychological thrillers should enjoy this as much as I did.

Rating: 4 out of 5.