Time After Time – Louise Pentland

Number one bestselling author Louise Pentland is back with her brand new novel that will make you laugh, make you cry and thoroughly charm you!

Sometimes you have to go back, to move forwards.

Tabitha is stuck. She still lives in the small town she grew up in . . . the town she’s barely ever left.

So, when her dad drops a bombshell over their weekly Sunday dinner, Tabitha takes a look at her own life. She lives firmly in her comfort zone and doesn’t know how to break out. Sometimes she wishes she should go back and start it all again.

When she meets Bea, a free spirit like no one else she’s ever known with an ‘interesting’ sense of style, Tabitha quickly befriends her, recognising in Bea the change she’s been craving. But soon it becomes clear that more has changed than her new friend. Somehow Tabitha has been transported back to the 1980s.

With the chance to reinvent herself in another time, will Tabitha finally manage to move forward?

Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland is a British author, vlogger, blogger and internet personality.

Pentland is best known for her online work, under the title Sprinkleofglitter. She was working in a number of office roles when she began writing a craft and interior DIY blog named “Sprinkle of Glitter”. In January 2010, Pentland began her YouTube channel, also named “Sprinkle of Glitter”. At first the channel covered beauty, fashion and lifestyle; it has since expanded to include motivational and advice videos. In August 2012, Pentland began a second channel named “Sprinkle of Chatter”, where she uploads lifestyle vlogs.

Pentland grew up in Northampton. In 2003, she moved to Liverpool to study Psychology and Biology; she attended Liverpool John Moores University and graduated with honours in 2006.

I am delighted to introduce Ellen Devonport to Compulsive Readers as my new regular guest reviewer. Ellen will be reading and reviewing all the brilliant books that I don’t have time to read for the blogtours.

Ellen’s Review:

As a mum of two daughters I know Louise Pentland as Sprinkle of Glitter, uk blogger/vlogger. I was aware she had written novels but Time After Time is the first that I have read so I wasn’t sure what to expect!

Tabitha’s cosy life is shattered when her dad makes a huge announcement over Sunday dinner. She is forced out of her comfort zone and has to learn to adapt to her mum and dad living separately and learning to be new versions of themselves as well as juggling her career and love life. Tabitha is a young woman who doesn’t have big dreams; she runs an antique shop owned by someone else while upcycling/restoring clothes, furniture and jewellery. This side line is pretty successful and she is building up a pretty substantial nest egg. She is in a relationship with David who we know isn’t right for her, she keeps her profits a secret from him and has no faith in her own talent. David sees her projects as clutter and seems intent on keeping Tabitha small and contained in a life he wants.

A magic ring gives Tabitha the chance to time travel to 1989 where she befriends fun-loving, adventurous Bea. This friendship gives her the confidence to grow and accept the changes in her life. Bea is a great giver of advice to Tabitha and always knows the right thing to say.

I really enjoyed this book although it made me feel a bit vintage myself as I was 11 in 1989! I loved the retro vibe and the fashion/music references. Time After Time is a story about acceptance, family and friendship. It’s a really sweet story that hit me right in the feels!

Highly recommend. 4 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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